All products intended for use in bed have been designed to position the patient and prevent them from sliding or getting up hastily if they move, at the risk of falling and causing injury. Cushions and bed accessories, when properly adapted to the pathology of the patient, prove to be veritable aids to care: they allow nursing staff to concentrate on providing care knowing that the well-being of the patient is being respected. Suited to maximum comfort, the multi-functional cushions, protective barriers and various accessories combine ease of use, maintenance and safety. They are intended for people in bed receiving post-operative care, those who, while convalescing, have to remain in bed for prolonged periods, bed-ridden patients and elderly people in rest homes.

These products, in particular the multi-functional cushions, are also aimed at users who are, quite simply, looking for the best possible comfort in bed.

  •  Variety of protective barriers, accessories and cushions for multiple uses which guarantee well-being and optimal support, allowing the patient to remain comfortably lying down (dorsal, lateral or ventral decubitus), seated or semi-seated.

The product coverings can be maintained simply by wiping with a sponge and disinfectant. Covers and certain cushions can be machine-washed and -dried.  We suggest you for the cold disinfection the using of UMONIUM38 from HUCKERT'S INTERNATIONAL.


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