The positioning device (cushions, protective barriers, armrests, non-slip shoes, etc.) allows the patient to be comfortably immobilised. But the risks of falls, injuries due to confusion, the restlessness of the patient are such these devices on their own are not enough. Other measures will therefore have to be considered with the aim of protecting the person and those around them.

Support products intended for use in chairs are designed to provide supplementary, indeed complementary, safety to the positioning products.

The aim of straps is to position the patient more firmly in the seat. They will only be used once the danger of falling and/or injury has seriously been assessed. In this case the nursing staff will have reached the conclusion that, despite all the precautions previously taken, the patient represents a danger to themselves or others.

Consequently the emphasis will be on the safety of the patient to avoid them any slow, painful or costly rehabilitation.

The support device will therefore be perfectly adapted to the patient and their needs.
Safety remains the key aspect but RENOL products have been designed while not losing sight of respect for the dignity and physical integrity of the patient: comfort being another essential asset of our products.

These straps and belts are intended.

  •  for elderly people who risk losing their balance even if well positioned in their seat, for those who have been weakened while being moved or who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
  •  for patients who have lost the use of a limb, are paralysed, etc. and who risk sliding without being able to stop themselves.
  •  to restless patients whose behaviour remains unpredictable even when simply being moved in their chair.

Important note: to avoid any accident and with a view to respecting the comfort of the person, it is essential that the instructions for use are read carefully before operating the belts.

The materials used are 100% resistant to frequent machine washing and drying. All maintenance instructions appear on the products.


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