RENOL  offers a range of products designed to position the patient perfectly in their chair and improve their comfort. The emphasis is on prevention: to prevent falls, it is preferable for the patient to be secured with a suitable support which prevents them from sliding and injuring themselves. It is advisable for nursing staff to pay attention to the position of the patient to correct any vertical and sideways sagging or prevent them from sliding forwards and possibly falling. The use of accessories, armrests and cushions adapted to the needs of the patient is an invaluable aid to nursing staff,as they stabilise the patient's position while increasing their comfort.

The positioning accessories and cushions also help the user prevent certain inconveniences caused by being in the sitting position. Someone immobilised at length in a chair is exposed to possible numbness and tenderness in the lower limbs and the buttocks area and to a greater risk of bedsores. RENOL cushions are ideal for preventing this type of problem.

The RENOL products designed for chairs are aimed at people with reduced mobility, undergoing physiotherapy, at patients looking to improve their comfort and at the elderly.

  • Cushions and accessories intended to prevent any sideways and forward sliding; allso designed to relieve pressure points and maximise the comfort of people who use wheelchairs or those who remain seated for prolonged periods.

It is worth pointing out that each range of products, irrespective of the material from which they are made, is interchangeable and complementary with another.

The product coverings can be maintained simply by wiping with a sponge and disinfectant. Covers and certain cushions can be machine-washed and -dried.  We suggest you for the cold disinfection the using of UMONIUM38 from HUCKERT'S INTERNATIONAL.


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